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5 Beauty Products I tried & rated!

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

I love trying out new makeup! Always have and probably always will. Being in the beauty industry, I’ve tried soooo many products, some of them were amazing and others not so much. At this point In my journey, I know what I like and what is a good product. So here are some new products that I have tried and my thoughts on them! Hopefully, this will help you out if you have been eyeing one of these products but haven’t taken the plunge yet. 



Bondi Boost Curl Boss shampoo & Conditioner

The size of this product is great and the best part is that there’s no strong smell. (Nobody wants to buy a product that works great but smells awful.) This Bondi Boost duo is silicone, paraben, and sulfate-free - so no need to worry there. The shampoo lathered up really well and left my hair feeling super clean! If you don’t have curly hair then they also offer shampoo and conditioner for different hair types and needs depending on what you’re looking for. 



Neutrogena Serum Foundation

This foundation so hydrating and left my skin feeling so soft. Not only did it feel soft but you can noticeably see the difference in my skin. Overall my skin looks so much more healthy and vibrant when I use this foundation. What I love is how lightweight the formula is!! You get beautiful medium coverage right that doesn’t look caked on. Plus, this foundation is super easy to apply with your hands or a brush and is the foundation perfect for spring and summer! 



Persona Súper Blush in Carmel

It’s hard to find a blush that will last you all day, well this one has done the trick and I love it! It’s so vibrantly pigmented and gorgeous, the color is just incredible! On top of it being beautiful, it actually stays through the day and is great for longtime wear. 




Incommon Magic Myst

This stuff really is magic!! The hydration you get from this mist is insane! I use it on my daughter, Millie’s, hair and it works wonders. All of those stubborn knots that I tried to detangle (without ripping hair out of my kid's head) come out so easily now! Long gone are the days where I’m having to pull and tug — just a couple spritz of this stuff and they come right out. This mist hydrates, repairs, and strengthens while you use it. Not to mention the fact that it’s a heat protector too! Magic is in the name and that’s definitely what it brings to the game. 



Makeup by Mario Eyeliner Pencil in Perfect Brown

This pencil is the perfect eyeliner for your smoky eye look. It’s easy to smoke out since it has a  creamy matte feel to it so it doesn’t leave you with just a harsh line on your eyelid. It’s perfect for long wear time so you stay looking amazing all day long without having to reapply.



Hope this was helpful! What are you adding to your cart?


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