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Baby Must Haves-Sleep

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

As I prepare for baby #2 I thought it would be helpful not only for myself but other mamas as well! This list would’ve been so helpful for me personally when I had my daughter. Creating my registry was so overwhelming, there is so much stuff out there. It can be hard to tell what’s good, what’s not, what will babylike or not. Every baby is different, so what might work for Millie might not work for this baby, or your baby. But I hope this guide points you in the right direction as you prepare for this exciting time!

xo Jenine

Be sure to check back every week as I prepare new lists!

1. Dock A Tot-

We loved this and were able to move it easily with no problem. We used it in the living room, our bedroom, and its easy to travel with too.

2. Snuggle Me-

This will be our first time using this, its supposed to be really great for newborns because it mimics being held in the arms. I’m excited to use it!

3. Hatch Sound Machine-

The BEST! We use it to this day still. You can adjust the lights and sounds.

4.Hushh Sound Machine-

This is a great travel sound machine that clips on the stroller and car seat. It’s great for on the go!

5. Owlet-

This gave us so much peace of mind those first few sleepless nights and months afterward. It will track baby’s oxygen level and heart rate.

6. Halo Bassinet

We are definitely pulling this back out for baby #2. The legs will adjust to the height of your bed, it also swivels so you can easily bring baby close to you. There is no need to get out of bed to check on baby because you can easily swivel them closer to you.

7. Swaddle up-

Millie loved sleeping in this because she preferred to sleep with her arms up so we Amazon primed this fast haha! It also helps to calm their startle reflex so they dont wake themselves up. We will see how baby #2 like this!

8.Swaddle Me- We didnt use these with Millie but definitely going to have on hand for our next baby just in case. This creates a snug,cozy, womb like feeling for your baby. This one keeps babys arms down and will also help with their startle reflex.

Thats it for now, check back next week for Feeding Must Haves for baby!


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