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Current Makeup Favorites

I’m definitely the kind of person that when I have a favorite shirt or favorite sweater, I will wear it over and over and over again. Well I’m exactly like that with my makeup too! I know what I like and when I find it, I tend to use it for months on end even before getting tired of it and wanting to try something new. 


This makes me so excited to share these products that I’ve been loving for the past few months! For reference, I have normal to oily skin and I like a natural glam makeup look! 


Elf poreless putty primer 

I couldn’t be happier with this primer. Besides being incredibly affordable, it guarantees that your makeup stays in place all day! It’s also enriched with ingredients that hydrate your skin throughout the day and gives a smooth velvety texture instead of an oily one. This is great if you have larger pores as it really smoothed out the skin. 


ELF power grip primer


Another flawless ELF primer! This one has a gel-based formula that leaves a tacky feeling so your foundation can really “stick”.


Ordinary serum foundation 2.0YG

My favorite foundation ever! It offers medium coverage and just looks so good on the skin. My sisters and I all love it! I love the fact that it doesn’t accentuate fine lines and still makes my skin look natural! 


Kosas Concealer (04N 

I’ve repurchased this one twice so it’s clear that I love it! Its a medium coverage concealer that’s super creamy! 


Dibs contour stick (shade 4 & 5.5)

Oh how I love this! I’m actually almost running out and I’ve had it for 6 months and use it daily! If cream bronzer/blush scares you, try this. It’s SO easy to blend and looks incredible on the skin. Plus you can use the blush on your lips too.


NYX sweet cheeks blush (baby doll)

This cream blush can seem very strong at first, but it blends softly, looking very natural. I recommend using a little at a time as it’s super pigmented!


Colourpop Blush (Dee-lish)

Like the name says, this blush color is delicious-looking. This is the ultimate color for Spring and it looks perfect in many skin tones!


Iconic London liquid highlight (original)

This highlighter will last you all day & forever really because a little goes a long way. It gives a bright glow to your face with just a small amount! If you wanna glow, this is for you!.


Maybelline loose setting powder (fair light)

I love this powder! One, it’s a affordable and two, it’s not drying on the skin. It’s the perfect powder to set your under eyes and face to give a smooth look while locking everything into place


Merit lipstick (Baby & Millenial)

You know it’s good when your willing to pay over $20 for a lipstick haha! The shades of these lipsticks will convince anyone, but besides that, you won’t feel like you’re wearing any product on your lips, because of its light and moisturizing formula. 


Sephora Makeup setting spray 

If you find this in stock, buy it! This product stays selling out. The mist on it is perfection and it will lock in your makeup all day!


NYX Brow pencil 

No need to buy $20 brow pencils when NYX has this! If a pencil is your thing, try this one!


NYX The brow glue 

This one will last you a long time and will lock those brow hairs into place.



If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve probably seen these products in action already. But if haven’t, I’ve linked some tutorials down below where you can see them in action. 


Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these!

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