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Foodie Friday!

One thing about my husband & I is that we love food! Who doesn’t right? We love trying new places to eat! We are willing to take the drive for a good meal! So I hope to bring you some recommendations you may want to try. If you try any of the places I mention, be sure to tag me on Instagram! For our First Foodie Friday… Crusade Burger Bar 4.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (2,019) Reviews 209 S. Bridge St Yorkville Il 60560

This place is the bomb!

Yes it’s that good! They serve high quality & chef inspired creative burgers. Our food was always hot, fresh and made with care. Nothing was just slapped together and served to us. They do offer both indoor/outdoor seating, so If you choose to sit outside, there is a huge white tent to sit under. They did take our temperatures when we came in, also letting us know that a mask is required if you leave the table at all. I appreciate that we were seated more than 6ft apart from other people. Because of how clean it felt,I felt comfortable enough to eat inside. This was very important to me because this was the first restaurant we ate inside of since everything that’s been going on.

If I would’ve felt uncomfortable, we would’ve left.

Now on to the food! YUM!


We started out with Cheese Curds, which were so delicious! They were lightly breaded, not super deep fried. Literally the perfect cheese curds, they melted in our mouth! It came with a side of ranch and Valentina, which I never thought would go together with cheese curds but wow so good. My husband preferred the ranch only. The cheese curds were truly the best we’ve ever had! Must try for sure!


I’ll put them in order of our favorites.

Me: Phony Tough, Crazy Brave House bbq sauce,aged white cheddar, maple bacon spread, onion ring. Bite the Flesh White cheddar,grilled onions,BBQ brisket,Mac n’ cheese, bacon bits They were both delicious burgers. My favorite was burger #1 though because this is just a all around amazing burger. I don’t always have a taste for added meat like brisket on top. BUT If you like brisket on your burger and want to try it, go with burger #2. It was amazing! My husband: The Dirty White cheddar cheese, pbr braised onions,onion straws,chipotle aioli. You’re the one for me, Fatty! Brisket with ancho & guajillo peppers, aged white cheddar, avocado pick de Gallo & cilantro cream. My husbands favorite was burger #1 because he felt like burger#2 had too much going on. He said it was “doing too much” haha! It was too many different flavors for him and said it was too many different meats and too much meat.

My daughter got the Kids Mac n Cheese, which is oh my goodness SO good! It could’ve been an adult one haha! She really loved it and it was delicious!

Now if you go there, there’s one thing you must do if you like milkshakes… Save Room for Dessert! We rarely ever get dessert at restaurants but this is so worth it. Down to the presentation everything is perfect. We tried the “A Broken Spell” Shake. Let’s just say if you like Oreos, brownies and chocolate, this for YOU! Before you actually dig in, snap a pic because yes it that’s pretty you don’t even want to eat it. But you will eat it cause it’s just that good!

They do have adult shakes that have liquor, we have yet to try them but plan on it on our next visit. Yes we will be back! Our server was Monica and she was great, patient and attentive. There is parking behind the restaurant, we’ve been able to park there both times. It it can fill up quickly since it’s pretty small. T It’s a 1hr drive from us, a full hour, but it is so worth the drive. So if your looking for a new place to try and you love burgers, then you need to try this place for yourself. We give it 5 stars! We love this place and really glad we gave it a shot!

Tag me when you give this place a try, I hope your experience is as great as ours! ENJOY!

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