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Meet Us


Hi! I’m Jenine,

I’m so excited that your here! I really can’t believe I’m sitting here writing

my first blog post, like what?! And I really really can’t even believe you're here reading it! First off, thank you so much for being here! For my first post, I want to introduce myself to you!

I’ve been married to my husband Giuseppe for the past 5 years he’s pretty much responsible for all of the pictures that you see here 😉 thanks babe! I have a beautiful daughter Amilia, who just turned one in May. She is the light of my life & truly my inspiration. She makes me want to do better & be better. I could go on about that little girl but I’ll save that for another post.

I graduated Cosmetology School in 2013 & never looked back. Fortunately for me my passion is also what I do for a living, I work as an on location makeup artist & hairstylist working for weddings. I LOVE being apart of a bride's special day. It is so much fun! I love chatting with all the brides about hair & makeup on their big day, who we like watching on YouTube, and our favorite makeup. It’s always a fun time!

I’ve always loved the beauty industry and the way it made me feel. With my hair & makeup done, heck even just my makeup done I felt like I could conquer the world. I love the confidence it gave me and I enjoy passing that along to my clients.

Sitting down doing my hair & makeup is so therapeutic for me. Do you sit or stand when you do yours? I’m always curious about that! But It really calms my mind & it’s so peaceful for me, unless of course my daughter is beside me emptying all my drawers haha!

So to the point, I LOVE sharing all my favorite things, from shampoos to foundation, to blenders to baby gear, everything! I’m that friend that wants to know what’s in your makeup bag, what favorite products are you using right now. I will sit on FaceTime when you come home from the store for a little haul haha!

So that brings me to why I started this blog, it gives me a space to share everything I’m loving with you. I aspire to inspire. I want to be in your corner wether it be perfecting your winged liner or giving you the boost of confidence we all need. I will not only share my favorites in hopes of helping you find yours. But also, share some real life experiences like how postpartum life was for me, my birth story etc. Wether it’s building your confidence through makeup, or motherhood, or being a wife and friend. I hope I can bring you some inspiration!

Here are some throwback pictures, hope you enjoy and get a laugh out of them haha!

Thank you so much for being here & I hope you stick around!

xx, Jenine

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